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Teletubby Sun Flare (v1)
You know exactly what it is.

The color and size must be adjust for each skybox individually for best visibility. There is no one size fits all solution.

It is also worth noting that the sun flare size depends on the client's game resolution. Size 20 flare for example is a lot larger on 800x600 than on 1920x1080.


Put into the Add-Ons folder in your Blockland folder.


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Time for Teletubbies
Time for Teletubbies

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I have no words for this beauty

It's the end of the world! Volcanoes are erupting and cause of this mess is the Teletubbies!

Best sun flare ever. Now we just need a Teletubby player type. Modelers go go go go!

This is the best thing that's ever happened

I feel inclined to make it so when it's daytime it rains down fireballs while the babyhead is up, very large/distant baby laughing sounds emitting as dramatic orchestrial music sounds as you hide in buildings or something. Then at night everything is okay :D!