Author Topic: Tetsujin (for GBjam2)  (Read 1916 times)

you're right i did probably take that the wrong way

i've written it down as a change for the next version, if i end up making a next version
you're acting like pandan  :cookieMonster:

its a good game bushi, it's fun. i like old school hard ass games. (nintendo hard)

only thing that bugged me was that windows was playing button error sounds all the way through the game.
Which was weird, because it was the active window..

i have no idea what causes that actually

i think it's when you open the game, but don't wait for it to load and click away from it isntantly

frustrating, yet immensely satisfying once beaten.
you should include in the readme that "R" resets your character from the last checkpoint; I got stuck twice in the second level from not pressing the big button underneath the platforms.

it would be great if this was fleshed out (a tad bit) more with a boss battle, regardless of extra levels, but it is nonetheless very well done and complete.

my question is why did you avoid it in the first place

my question is why did you avoid it in the first place
accident the first time, wanted to see which buttons trigger what the second time

i've updated the OP with a version that makes it more clear where to go in the first level and makes it harder to get yourself stuck