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I didn't know Santa was in Seal Team 6

ummm, it says the "Gamemode_something_whatever_o r_something" file is missing. I can't remember the entire thing so I filled it in with somethings, whatevers, ors, and somethings.
Like this guy had:I'm on OSX 10.6.8 and running on Steam.
Edit: Solution: Duplicate the zip, remove copy and replace it with a space, extract it, remove the space on the folder, launch the game. There's probably a simpler way, but that's exactly what I ended up doing. You will see 3 of the xmas gamemodes in your thing, but at least they work!
Better solution. Still a bad one. But it's better than that.
Just unzip the file. There will be two of them in the game mode list though.

A lot of the times when I just set a print letter on a brick, my mouse jumps to the right and far down.

Edit: It also happens when exiting the wrench menu. PM me if you have questions.

Edit: Also after I set a print, not just print letter.
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