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Alright, methinks Ephi originally had the idea for this:

The Medieval Mod is really a huge pack of epic mods (Or possibly a Mass Mod, like the original RTB),  including, but not limited to:

  • New Vehicles like Cannons and Siege Engines
  • New Items like Halberds, Blunderbusses, Magicks, and Potions
  • Combinable Items
  • A Functioning RPG Mod
  • New Vehicles like Cannons and Siege Engines

So, I believe a few guys already are on board; If you want to join in, just post here.

People on board

  • (Coordinater) Bushido
  • TheLegoMaster
  • SolarFlare *
  • Dilt
  • Space Guy
  • Terror
  • Aloshi
  • Rkynick **
  • (In-Training) LegoEggo
  • (In-Training) Chaseyqurt
The * means nothing in particular.


The Blunderbuss, a ranged weapon affected by gravity. Does low damage, but impulses the victim a fair bit away.

The Mace, a blunt melee weapon. Being blunt, when it hits someone, it does little damage, but stuns the victim until the effect fades.

Errors and Problems

There seems to be a problem with the Blunderbuss. When used in-game random parts of it disappear. So someone should try to help out, if you can. http://www.mediafire.com/?cl0v2vje3v1
Fixed by Solarflare on Friday, November 9th, '07. Yay!


Primary Tasks:

 Finish the current items and weapons we have have models for. Those weapons are:

  • Small Bottle
  • Large Bottle
  • Small Dynamite
  • Bag of Ammo

Create a basic Ammo System, custom for the Medieval Mod's weapons.

Create scripts for and models for Armors, hopefully coded to work somewhere along these lines:
  • Armor takes damage until it's HP hits zero, and the armor falls off.
  • Individual pieces for Legs, Torso and Head.
  • Armor subtracts from max running speed.
  • Different types of armor have more HP.
  • 5 different armor classes: White Block, Green Block, Blue Block, Red Block, Black Block, all colored respectively
  • 3 different armor types, Light, Moderate, and Heavy. Or, their real life counterparts, Leather, Chain, Plate, each with their own models.

Create a Weapon Durability system that works along these lines:
  • When you use a weapon and it hits something, it takes damage
  • When a weapon's durability hits 0, the weapon breaks apart, into material
[/s] Done by Rkynick! Yay!

We need a builder to create a test town for our mod's pre-pre-pre alpha stage. I'm getting started on one now, but if someone gets done before me, I'll accept it.

Be sure it has the following buildings:
  • Underground Mine Shaft
  • Training Hall
  • Hospital
  • Weapons Shop
  • Tool Shop
  • Armor Shop
  • General Store

Secondary Tasks:

Ready the Particles for the Dynamite's explosion, a Liquid Splash effect (For when you drink from a vial) Done by Rkynick! Yay!

Get some sounds for all of the current mods.

Begin on the Material system, which should work somewhere along these lines:
  • You have to have a specific amount of material to make a brick. More specifically, 1 Material for each 1x1 unit.
  • Material is stackable in the inventory, and has to be carried around.
  • Material has to be used in order to spawn weapons.

Begin working on AI for "scared" monsters, "defensive" monsters, and "aggressive" monsters, preferably along these lines:
  • Aggressives attack players and "scared" monsters in their spawn area at random.
  • "Scared" monsters walk around their spawn area, and will run away when a player or an aggressive monster gets close enough, or it gets hit.
  • "Defensive" monsters will walk up to players at random, and may follow the player around, but won't attack unless it's provoked. Otherwise, it wanders around it's spawn area.

Yes, I know, I'm asking for alot, and it'll probably lag a good amount, but this seems like a great idea, and I'm hoping I don't accidentally make it fall thru. Again.

Feel free to add-on to the mod with other things though.

Revealed Mod Mechanics

Item Craft

Item Craft is accomplished by taking a TON of items, and putting 'em all together until you hit a final finished product.

For instance, let's say we're making a White Blocktard Sword, the weakest possible shield-less sword..
(Bas**** Sword)

We'll need a fair amount of ore: For instance, for a White Blocktard Sword, we'll need 5 White Blokium, than combine the Blokium until we get a lump of 5 Ores; Than, we make it into a bar with a Flaming PortaForge (Whichis made by combining wood with a PortaForge), than combining the bar with a mould, than combining the unfinished sword with a hammer, ending the process, and leaving you with a fairly powerful Blocktard Sword. And this was just a basic idea: There's a ton of potential recipes to be found in Recipe Books and from random tinkering.

That process again, for TL;DR guys:

White Blokium Ore x 5 = White Lump (5)
Wood + PortaForge = Firey Forge (1)
PortaForge + White Lump (5) = White Bar (5)
White Bar (5) + Sword Mould = Unfinished White B. Sword
Unfinished White B. Sword + Hammer = White B. Sword

Plus, the Firey PortaForge works as a flamethrower! Giving the basic smithy working to scrounge up a living having a defense is something I haven't seen in ANY RPG, ever. EVER.

If you have feedback on the item system, tell me, and I'll make modifications as I / you see fit.

(Based off the script Solarflare/Solarize made for the Medieval Mod.)

Last updated on Monday, November 19th, '07.
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I've modelled medieval weapons before, and I've scripted RPGs twice. I'll join.

I'm in. I told you I'm in. Don't doubt that I'm in. When I say I'm in, Bob Dole demands I'm in. See this Bruce Wayne avatar? He says I'm in too. Don't doubt Bruce Wayne. Espically the old one.


Updated with what needs to be done and Dilt and Solarflare added to the list.

I'll join, once I get the hang of scripting. I kind of get it, but I need lots of practice. So you could add me to the list.

I could help with particles and/or codings.

Everyone who requested to join, you're in.


I see alot of applying, but is anyone actually DOING anything?

I'll help. I can script fairly well.

Everyone who requested to join, you're in.


I see alot of applying, but is anyone actually DOING anything?

Uhm well you havent really specified on what we need to do...

..You didn't read the main post, did you. I update it, ALOT.

Guns? That's not very Medieval. Its like a Japanese show where they completely change history, HIGH POWERED STEAM WEAPONS THAT ARE MORE POWER THEN TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY.

But should be very interesting on the out come of this Mod.  :cookieMonster:

Really it's based on the late, late middle ages. With the weak muskets, ETC.

More specific Ideas for siege engines:

Locks on doors

Summoning (e.x Demons , angels , devils)
Alchemy Labs (For making potions , maybe enchantments and such  :cookieMonster:)

I can make more if you want, prolly unneccesary though.