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I'm not a grammar national socialist, but the word "Pennyless" is spelled wrong. It should be "peniless".
O.T.: I think the disability check was removed because you can't post in the off-topic section.
don't you mean penniless :cookieMonster:

hang on let me get my magnifying glass
Yeah, such fine print. you'd think badspot would have magnified the text.

I'm not a grammar national socialist
We can tell. You didn't spell penniless right.

I wonder if someone actually did option three for a key to the forums

lol, I thought this was the new update thread.
You mean like this?

How to not be fooled by misleading titles: if the number of topics is 46 then it hasn't changed.

You mean like this?
I got banned for that. Id change it if I were you, and no. I thought it was the new one cos there was an unread post.
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Great, he got this thread too

hide yo kids hide yo wife

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