Author Topic: Can bots win a mini game? I'm doing a man vs machine server.  (Read 1884 times)

I'm using the events, but nothing happens.
(Sorry guys, i┤m very new in this fˇrums) :(
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2nd Request Topic OTD

If you mean default bots, no, they can't.

Your going to get banned probably.

Jesus loving christ do you people have sticks stuck up your asses 24/7
at least help him or show him where it SHOULD be posted, instead of being retarded and saying he's going to get banned

In this case, it probably goes in Help or on the Slayer thread(i'm assuming you're using Slayer bots, anyway)

best add-on 2014

i couldn't get it to work with the mini nuke enabled though. pls fix

Jesus. You guys overreact to anything and everything wrong.

The OP won't be banned,
the topic will just be moved to its proper place.

And no, Bots cannot win the minigame.
However, the players can lose.

omfg OP who is obviously new here made a tiny mistake that I SURELY never committed, and he will SURELY get banned for it, and I SURELY need to flame him to discourage him from even existing on the same planet as me!!


You should post this in the help board, or search for the Slayer topic in Modification Discussion and try to use that add-on as it has bots specifically designed to interact as teams. If you can't figure it out, ask someone there!

In my own defense, I posted the rules thread. Which is at the top of the subforum, and has links to the relevant, proper, subsections.

This was the OP's first post. Some slack should be given.
Also, it funny to me that you also needed three links to drive your reasoning...

Also, it funny to me that you also needed three links to drive your reasoning...

They're linked based on what's relevant to which part of the post. One was a joke, one was a link to the rules thread (again), and one was pointing out that it is literally pinned at the top of the subforum and that no one should need someone to hold their hands to understand that maybe they shouldn't blatantly ignore the rules thread at the top of the board.

You could make it so there are 2 teams and make it so team 2 and where it says "Players can join" (Something like that) and make it -1 then make team 1 to PLayers can join 0 that means unlimited and then make it so you have 1 life
Then it might say Team 2 has won... But what if the machines lose... I don't know it would work until the Players win then your doomed

technically bots can win a mini-game if you use some event like onbottouch>minigame>win>bots, and create a team named bots with the max players being 0.
requires slayer
or just make it so players don't even join the team automatically
belongs in general discussion