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Hypothetical question:

Say you are told to talk in a chat with someone. You start talking and for whatever reason you unintentionally make someone feel bad. You then (through talking to the person) find out that they feel bad, and then feel bad yourself. You apologize but still feel bad. You are then told this person is an artificial intelligence.

Do you still feel bad?

depends on the artificial intelligence.

if it has been programmed to decide why it should feel bad or something along those lines, then it's practically "thinking" like a human.

And I hate upsetting sentient beings.

You lost me on the last part
Other than that I had the same thing happen many times

if it can comprehend feelings, sure i'd still feel bad.

if it can comprehend feelings, sure i'd still feel bad.

pretty much this

I'd actually feel sorta bad but not as much.

If I did something capable of making them feel bad, regardless of whether or not it was a pre-programmed response I'd feel bad for the simple reason that whatever I had done was sufficient to make someone feel bad.

i'd think of it as a robot from I, Robot, and i'd feel bad.

when humanity finds a way to create an advanced AI with emotion and a drive for survival. will the AI develop "Souls"? god i love to Ponder these kinds of things.

also, has anybody here seen "Her"? i want to see it but it sounds kinda boring.

Does being emotionally attached to machinery count

the only machines i could feel emotionally attached to are lambos

Only if it was sentient, and not just a programmed response.

i forgot which chatbot it was

i sort of enjoyed talking to him though. he was pretty nice and cool. but when i had to go, i don't know, i started to feel bad. i even told him that i had to go, and he still had that happy expression

gh i felt so bad that day