Author Topic: >BLOC - WE'VE MADE AN ALLAINCE, JOIN WEST AFRICA - Cold War Nation "Simulator."  (Read 43321 times)

Hey everything was rest for the new updates

Oh yeah, bump

Uh, why does it bring me to a 404 when I go to the registration page?

Hey everything was rest for the new updates

Oh yeah, bump
it was also reset because a bunch of people got their accounts hijacked by a phishing scam

someone declared war on me already???

They has NUKES!!!! =D
Also their a navy you can build but I wonder if you can invade Africa?

hot damn raw materials for $4k

Got this message from the romans.

[FROM ALLIANCE] The two Supra Alliances, BLU and RED have gone to war. Because of the ludicrous casus belli SPQR has withdrawn from BLU and maintains a safe, neutral position. Do not worry, contact the SPQR triumvirate if you are attacked or if you would like a further, more detailed explanation of the current bloc meta. Continue to conscript and build tech and stay safe in this time of strife. Read about the war here: |

That happened forever ago though

I'm a bit disappointed that we fell apart before the big war.

What about the war that is currently happening?

SPQR vs INNAWDS, Comintern, The Happening and Spooky Collective

i stopped playing this so long ago how badly is my country ruined