Author Topic: GS1029 (ID: 45738) - Admin richardery, misleading server name, slurs  (Read 1397 times)

I got a lot of screenshots, but I edited the best ones together.

Around when I joined his server, I got the impression that it was something akin to Super Smash Bros., because of, well, you know, the server name.

Instead, what I found was a Afghan TDM with lava where the teams had weapons that varied wildly, and the host was trying to set everybody to the "noob" team as they joined, because auto-sorting would set them to either of the admin teams (both of which had greater weapons, and enough HP to last 10 minutes of combat) or the "cool" team which was for veterans only.

I ended up on the Cool team myself, and was rapidly swapped to noob. Around this time, one of the admins was panicking because a "noob" had gotten hold of a rocket launcher, which the host never bothered to remove from the map. Several spawns were also under the lava, and made it impossible to escape. Keep in mind that the minigame had 5 lives for each player.

For a while, we fought, and nothing interesting happened aside from the host using chat to blurt out "mondaySSSSSS :D" and assorted stupidity.

After a while, however, the host had apparently gotten bored, deciding both to delete the ground and all existing bricks, leaving everybody in a freefall where only one or two people were able to get kills. In the middle of the confusion, I made a join request to switch to Epic Pro (GS's team / rank) to see what absurd assortment of weapons he had, as well as how much health he possessed.

I got a single kill, where only two other people out of the whole server were able to score a kill even once.

Still panicking, the other admin saw fit to load the Bedroom build. The host set timescale to 2, mistakenly believing it would make the upload faster. For several more rounds, we fought, and the host would purposely reset the minigame each and every time he fell out of range of anybody else. He came close to me quite a few times, but didn't notice I was using the team he made for himself.

Eventually, the host realized that I wasn't on the "noob" team anymore, just a few minutes after the bedroom successfully loaded, and after everybody was gone from the server except for myself, the admins, and two other people (who left when I challenged GS).

After a few attempts of trying to explain to him why playing against people like him is not fun, I issued a challenge where I claimed the reason he used this over-powered loadout was because he couldn't beat me without it.

I was hoping to get him to switch to Noob and fight against me, but what happened was even better.
For reference, GS's class had the Chidori, an assault rifle, the Flamer, and two others I cannot remember. Meanwhile, I, the "noob" had three melee weapons, a pushbroom, and a default bow-and-arrow.

He swapped me to epic pro once again. For three minutes I stood still under direct fire from the "flamer" from the Warhammer 40k pack, which in itself was a very damaging weapon, all while hoping GS would get the message. He did not, and I was banned for 24 hours.


as soon as i joined the server to see what a hellhole it was, it came clear to me by the way they type even, that they all are mentally handicapped.