Author Topic: How does one go about downloading Mac games on Windows steam?  (Read 1021 times)

I need to download a Mac version of a game on a Windows computer because I have Windows installed on a virtual machine, which consequently runs slower. How would I force download a Mac game on Windows Steam?

Don't say "git a pc fgt" because it contributes absolutely nothing to the thread. And I would get a PC but my dad insists on getting Macs. idk why.

You cant run Mac programs on Windows.
Use bootcamp to run Windows instead of a virtual machine.

git a pc fgt

Isn't there a separate client for the mac?

git a pc fgt

Isn't there a separate client for the mac?
The issue is I have a case-sensitive file system and my dad won't change it.
Even though it's basically my computer, and I know how to do it.
He'd be pissed and I don't want him pissed.

tell him that he can save money buy buying a pc

anyways try using bootcamp or something

I've never been able to force a Mac/Linux download on a Windows client, and I doubt anybody else has either. I'm a little confused on your setup, so either use a VM if you can, or try and borrow somebody's Mac, download the game there and then copy it over to your current setup, and let Steam "download" the game again (checks the files).

It feels like everything I know is backwards in this thread...

virtual machines werent made for this

thats why you have bootcamp or whatever. use that instead.

wait nvm read wrong

i'll just use bootcamp then
thanks guys