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Since Dice is unique to the gamemode, it seems like it would make more sense for it to be packaged in rather than it having an awkward file you have to move out of it. Move all the script files from Server_Dice into a server.cs that is in the gamemode folder. Then, simply define the gamemode itself as a required add-on, and it will execute itself rather than needing you to move an add-on out of the folder post-download.
I'm lazy, and that would be pointless. You need to move several files into your Blockland folder anyway, for the bricks. It's easier to just move in one extra file.
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No, it's not pointless. Since the mod isn't released anywhere, there is no point in it being a required file, it should just be packaged internally. I personally think you should only use the 'required add-ons' feature when those add-ons are publicly released, and not unique to the gamemode. Any gamemode-specific scripts/files that are not released in the add-ons section should just be packaged directly into the gamemode itself.

It's also really not hard to do.

Could you include a tutorial for us more stupid ones.

Could you include a tutorial for us more stupid ones.
There's actually a tutorial included in the file, as "GuideREADME". I'll make that more clear in the OP.

so has anyone played this like ever

so has anyone played this like ever
I WOULD host a D&D server but my BL is a jerk and crashes every tiem unless I play singleplayer or a diff gamemo-
... *facepalm*

D&D 2.0 is coming soon. It's going to have much easier use, with pre-built maps and monsters. It will still be completely possible to make your own things, but I think it will make it a lot easier on new players and DMs.