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based on toontown I would like weapons based off the gags

PIE: hold to throw weapon. when hit in the head with the pie, the pie will be stuck in the players face for a few seconds (binding them with a pie like screen) (Lobbed Projectile) Medium

Silced Pie: Less damage than pie. less pie blind time. like the pie. (slighty more accurate)

Water Sunflower thing: and weapon will show a (Small Sized) modeled sunflower. being hit will partially bind the players screen with water. clicking a few times will make the water on your face dissapper, or wait a few seconds. Low DMG

Water Gun: more damage. less water bind time

Toon-up: Heals the targeted player. will make a cheap joke in chat.

Lure (Money): aim at a player and and it will drop money on the floor with a fishing rod handled by you. has a change of lure them. if lure works then the play will go were the drop item is and they wil be stuck there for a few seconds. during the time. the player can be free if hit by soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning. when hit the player will take 25$ or 50% more dmg

Sound (Microhpone thingy): will do low dmg but will hurt all the players in a radius.

Drop (big bag of rocks or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning): aiming at a player will drop a
big bag of rocks or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning
on the player and it will crush them.

might add some more things soon

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