Author Topic: badspot you need to bring terrain maps back  (Read 5928 times)

lol im getting more comments den i thought
Half of them are you.

On-topic: I don't want the terrains we had back. They were awful. I wouldn't mind having new, prettier, more functional terrain. Though I'm sure there's more important things to address and I'd be completely fine with terrains never making it back in.

im not your buddy, friend!
He just got Bioshock'd.

i don't want to much attention
Then why do you keep replying?

Jesus christ if you want a freaking terraian get Blockland retail or portify's V20

they look amazing

... have you.... played other games before? or at least ones from this decade?

We Still Have Them Just Delete System 32 And Then Put Something From Into Your Block Land Save Folders File And Then monday My monday
Why Do You Type Like This It Hurts My Eyes.

... have you.... played other games before? or at least ones from this decade?

maybe he got frozen for like 20 years and he just woke up

it's like fry in futurama, he thinks all the future stuff is amazing but it's very common for the people there

the blockland terrain didnt even look good for 2004. it was just accetpoed because it was a no name indie title.
but we have grown. our eyes hurt as we age and we need graphics.

*typo fixing time travel edit

because i never got a chance to play on them

yeah just like a lot of people and no one else is complaining.  Like I said what makes you special that he should do it just because YOU want them?

maps and shaders v26
sounds like half life 3's release date.

This kid must not realize badspot won't re-add maps, hey kid if you want v16 use wayback machine (v16 has maps)

i'll be sure to ban badspot you need to bring terrain maps back from my server

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