Vehicle Door Animations: Which Would You Prefer?

Keep door animations the same. Smooth, fluid animations, but vehicles with more than four animated parts  requires bot supplements.
12 (16%)
Make them open like the default .blb doors - No bots would be required, also allows me to free up animation threads for other things (turn signals, etc).
56 (74.7%)
Ditch the animated doors entirely, they have been a nuisance, they are only a tired gimmick.
7 (9.3%)

Total Members Voted: 75

Author Topic: Barnabas' Unceremonious Add-on Dump  (Read 112686 times)

Make a Trabi, or a Wartburg!

Those cars have been on my bucket list for a while. I always wanted to make the cars that used to dominate the streetscape during my early childhood

I haven't checked on this topic for months.  Hell, I've missed a lot of content.  Good stuff, Barnabas.

Might as well bump this thread:

Kurier - 3 versions(View in 3D)


I thought I'd post a little update

Still working on the flatbed version

That's a cute van, it looks somewhat similar to the one in your profile picture.