Author Topic: My "band" Wraiths (Metal inside, if you don't like screaming music, turn back)  (Read 723 times)

As I said in the title, if you don't like screaming music, this won't appeal to you at all; turn back now before you waste any more of your time.

That aside, in the realm of screaming music itself, this isn't very good... but we have fun with it though!
We don't take ourselves seriously at all whatsoever, we just like making really loud music with lots of screaming and yelling cause I guess we're still mentally 15 years old. (And prone to temper tantrums set to music(?))

We just released our first EP and it's not very good but man it was a blast to record. A lot of older material was (badly) remixed for this so the quality and levels keep changing. I am also aware that the vocals nearly disappear in a couple of places but I've taken note of that for our first full length album.

I played all the music, did backup vocals (all the vocals in the case of Droves), recorded, and mixed the EP while my friend takes over lead vocals. My other guitarist friend has joined us for the full length and we may have a bassist joining in the near-ish future.

If you just want to stream it instead of wasting HDD space, or even give us a dollar (or more) cause you're a nice person, our Bandcamp is:

If you just want to grab a free copy, you're in luck, as I am also hosting it on Mediafire for free!

Criticism is welcome, but again, we aren't taking this seriously at all- we just like making noise.

Are you a male or a female in your vocals?

Are you a male or a female in your vocals?

You didn't reap OP either.

im proud of you fam and this sounds A1 keep it up