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Author Topic: Dinosaur Mech (brachiosaur)  (Read 9040 times)

That reminds me of an old PC game I used to play when I was very little, the Dino's would have Miniguns n rocket launchers mounted on them and you'd be a raptor I think and would kill as many as possible.. I forgot.. Nice.
Dino D-Day?

Dino D-Day?
that's too new

also why is no one voting for stego :(

Reminds me of Bruckner's T-Rex

This made me nostalgia everywhere.

This reminded me of this:

Every time I see the word dino I know lego lad posted it

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8/8 gr8 job m8 no h8 cant w8

seriously though, good job.

The tail feels like it needs a spiked ball on the end

maybe it was a minigame within turok
I think I remember that game
This thing, right?

...or are you thinking of something else?
Not sure, might be something else.
maybe it was a minigame within turok
Maybe it was dino d-day becuz they have 2 millitary dinos yknow? mounted machine guns?