Author Topic: [v1][Vehicle] Moore 250S APR8  (Read 9765 times)

Filipe do you know why the Moore 250S and Gunloader float with the environment water/
I don't know

"The Moore 250S APR8"

Revision 1: "The Moore Chrysler 300C SRT8 9000"

Revision 2: "The Moore Chrysler 300C SRT8"

Revision 3 (Final): "Chrysler 300C SRT8"

Dude. It's a Chrysler 300C SRT8, it's not like they patented the name.

Ontopic: Nice car.
Are you kidding me? I have to bring up this argument again for the 3rd time?
You are the reason why I have lost all hope on the word "creativity" on other human beings. Everybody's now lazy and just stuffs out bullstuff. Don't be so un-creative please. Thanks.