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Author Topic: Glass' Blockland Servers [CLOSED TEMPORARILY - Check Page 57]  (Read 55108 times)

I'm currently hosting a third server, but it's on v20. To play download v20 from the link and then just join the server like you always would. I'll be changing through the maps, mostly GSF maps.

You can't hit a thing with the BF3 weapons on the trench server. please change them. I would prefer the Warfare Pack

The weapons are actually extremely realistic and offer good game-play. In real life it IS very hard to hit stuff, but when you do, just like in this, you kill the enemy fast. Most of the current weapon packs basically give you time to orient yourself, jump and take cover being ambushed from behind in point blank range.

Seems like I caused a thread about how GRTB was "disgusting".

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Oh look it's Daewol or whatever his name is doing what i thought he would do XD

If it IS Daowel, then he is full of stuff. I saw him to be a problem user yesterday who enjoys initiating conflict.

Lmao. Aoki; King of the tards.

And don't think blurring Daewol's name makes him anonymous.

I added Deadalus 3 to the fortwars. meanwhile, I removed the inferior model 02.

My goal is to collectively shoot down glass using nothing but AA and Thorfin's dreams.

Thorfin's dreams.
I thought they were dead, but if you can find one still kicking it'll be powerful enough to take out his base.

Jakob is not fit for admin.
I raided his base/friend's base once, and he raided me. Except, this raid wasn't fair in the slightest.
Whenever Jakob raids, he duplicates this outpost of his that includes Howitzers and Avenger Turrets. And he duplicates it riiiight next to your base, so you're defenseless.
Well, after him shooting me a couple of times with it, he decides it isn't enough. Him and his friends glitch vehicle physics to get into my base, and repeatedly spawnkill me. Then, I get banned for setting the baseplate to clear tools.
While I see how this was a trap, Jakob showed no mercy whatsoever, and stated that if I surrendered, my base would be cleared/I would be perma-banned. He twisted my words to say that.
Please deadmin Jakob and/or lift my ban. Please do something. This is getting very out of hand, and I don't see how he even received the admin position.
Banned for: 60 minutes
BL_ID: 43991
While spawnkill may or may not be a rule, the server is not playable when being repeatedly killed in your base, and it is ridiculous when an admin does it.
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