Author Topic: King of the hill (because redconer's died)  (Read 91908 times)

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i become the hill

i'm hill

Oh dear, I remembered it now :(

I stick a flag in the hill then leave.

I technically claim hill

I dig up hill and replace it with another hill.

My hill.


OFF TOPIC: Alyx Vance actually conquered both hills.
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I shove SpongeCraft1212 off the hill in a curt gesture and claim it as my own.

My hill.

I shoot Jhonimiester and claim the hill.

My hill!

I create a bigger, better hill in Hawaii.

Old hill is irrelevant because everyone wants their hands on my hill.

I build a house on the previous hill.

My smaller hill.

I tear apart the house and live in the hill.

my hill

I build a nest  in the crater

my nest

i buy the land to start a city

my city

I shrink every building down in the city and smash them all at once under my feet, not unlike a particular Japanese lizard. I then walk toward the hill in the center, and shoot Crispy_ in the head, to then push his fresh, bleeding corpse down said hill, creating a trail of blood in the green grass.

My hill.

I hold up a white flag and Rancho Relaxo the stuff out of the hill.

Cause friendly beer times must be shared.