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4 PM is 1 PM for me. C'mon man, I just want to watch it at 4 my time :c

probably 6 or 7 EST because there are a lot of pacific coast forumers that have school until 3:30 PST or so
7 seems like a good time imo
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Can it be seven? For me that's at six and I am busy on Monday until about fifteen minutes before it would start.

may 4th is my birthday

may 4th is also my birthday

may 4th is my deathday actually

wait what i thought this was dead

May 3rd is my birthday

What's going on here?

Having played a stormtrooper extra:

Not gonna lie, I loving lost it at that. Good use of spongebob.

Also, blame me for any disco that may be encountered within this film.

Sadly the disco never made it to the final cut, but it'll still be featured in a behind the scenes video at some point lol.

i've seen it in it's entirety, top quality stuff, every frame is so dense it has so much going on poetry it rhymes

Well it looks like 7PM is currently winning. I won't close the poll just yet in case there's an upset, but for the time being I'll plan the premiere around that time.

Dammit, it will be on 4am to me

I'm making a competition and some poor sap is gonna enter and he's gonna get the movie on VHS.

No joke.