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Event Timeline:
Citizen was determined to have feminine physique, mammary glands, and red eyes with green irises

Citizen's mammary glands were enhanced to excess

Citizen was given a "cool" hat and bunny ears for nipples

Citizen reverted back to previous feminine physique, was given "cool" clothes as well as ears and a nose

Citizen was given weed to smoke, determined to have fought in a war and lost a leg; prosthetic peg-leg made of condensed hemp-wood

Citizen got super high and began to make their way to Taco Bell

Citizen encountered a hostile, armless Jew along the way

Citizen attempts to pummel Jew but fails to follow through

Citizen then preached scientology to the Jew as he was given a lawsuit, thus killing him

Citizen proceeded to steal the Jew's legs

Citizen arrived at destination, Taco Bell; Chapter 2 starts

Citizen kills entire Taco Bell staff, gets pink-eye, and jacks into a box

Citizen steals a truck to load up all of Taco Bell's tacos

Citizen attains psychic powers and turns the establishment into a pile of weed, then proceeds to blaze it

Citizen (now known as Wendy) returns home and meets Snoop Dogg

Wendy and Snoop blaze some weed and fall asleep

Wendy wakes up to find Snoop Dogg dead and converted to Cannabis City standard

Wendy is pregnant with Snoop's child

Wendy eats Snoop's bones

Wendy puts on Snoop Dogg's old hoodie and becomes a superhero

Wendy then turns Snoop Dogg into weed and blazes it #yoloswag2015
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get pregnant
with snoop's child

Wendy is immediately woken up with morning-sickness, realizing that she is impregnated with Snoop Dogg's child.

eat snoop's bones

Wendy is compelled by her raging pregnancy hunger to eat Snoop's bones. The hornyness of the situation gives her a raging boner.

dawn his hoodie and make yourself a superhero.

Putting on Snoop's hoodie, Wendy has become a superhero by unknown means. She's also temporarily drawn in a slightly better fashion. Maybe this will give some purpose to her rather insignificant powers.

Turn him into weed

Wendy uses her "head magic" to turn Snoop Dogg's corpse into a pile of weed.

and blaze the hell out of him

She proceeds to blaze that stuff because it's loving #2015

So what does Wendy do next? This room is getting stuffy.
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break the roof, that will get heat out

Summon Spencer and challenge him to a fight, if Wendy wins snoop is resurrected. If Spencer wins, Wendy becomes love slave.

Summon Spencer and challenge him to a fight, if Wendy wins snoop is resurrected. If Spencer wins, Wendy becomes love slave.
Do this, but before he manages to attack, show him your bunny ear nipples to distract him.