Author Topic: ReShade + Blockland  (Read 33408 times)

ReShade is a .dll which allows you to add effects to gameplay and make great screenshots.
I messed about with it and got this

Here's a before+after:



Here's a video of it happening in real-time:

Didn't know about this one, I tried a different one and it didn't work. Do I have to inject it? And if so, do i have to do it every time I play blockland?

for me, there was an installer, where I only had to pick blockland.exe, then openGL, and it installed it automatically

what loving effect pack is that

wow that actually looks like we are looking down at some lego build someone built in real life

what does this specifically change

Okay, here, for the lazy (if you can't install it yourself):

Unpack into your Blockland folder
Edit ReShade.fx to enable/disable/configure things however you want (it won't change anything unless you enable some things in it)