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You can do that in like every Mario game bro
Pretty sure you can't.

You can do that in like every Mario game bro

Try that in super Mario bros 1 and 3

Quote from:
Power-ups like the Super Mushroom work normally, but the Superball Flower enables Mario to throw "superballs" that fly at a 45-degree angle and ricochet off floors, walls, and ceilings. Unlike traditional fireballs of other Mario games, Superballs can also be used to collect coins, which is useful for coins that are difficult or impossible to reach otherwise.

Please make this a blockland gamemode :D

sounds stupid, just play this with your friends.

Why you don't polish your game and just make a new one? There's a big problem with high brickcount... But of course nobody cares...
Nice game though.
Because he's not obligated to do stuff for you. if he wants to make a new game then he can, stop acting like he owes you something. Blockland never came with a "free updates for life" guarantee.

Nice! I really love this game, a remake is well received.
Ill play the hell out of this.

Interesting to give the development section it's own board, also this looks fun can't wait to give it a try!

Shut up and take my $Mon- o its free well then im stupid
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Kind of odd that the scripted parts of the original you now have full control over.
I stood at the ending door for a while before I decided to walk past it.

Me and my little brother ended up binding 2 payers to each controller; was fun lol