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Author Topic: Crown's Jailbreak [Christmas Event!]  (Read 250856 times)

We just experienced a stuffton of lag on the server. We pulled through. Any reason why it happened?
Also saw this glitch(?) where Crown was listed having LAN trust.
Edit: lag is happening again.
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I asked Crown to reset the server after it started lagging again. He isn't able to connect to the control panel and has to wait for Jincux to come online to fix the issue. We're just going to have to wait it out.

Edit: It's up!
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Thank you for Mod, Crown!

Also saw this glitch(?) where Crown was listed having LAN trust.
LAN means they're a spectator.

ur mods+admins are garbage

ur mods+admins are garbage
Oh. Well since you've described in such great detail what happened, and provided so many pictures to back up your statement, I will demote everyone and shut down the server. I'm sorry this happened to you.

With our combined powers, the tyrant Crown has fallen and the Mods have risen to power!

ur mods+admins are garbage

Of course, this is totally not about your itemplanting or wishes to be banned.


ur mods+admins are garbage
Why would I listen to that when I've recognize your foul intentions? Every time I come across you, you start trouble.

ur mods+admins are garbage
I wonder where I've seen you say this before...

lols your admins have downsyndrome.