Author Topic: Best Friend Died  (Read 4995 times)

haven't been too active here because I've been busy trying to cheer up my best friend
she's been depressed for a while, but I was hoping I could buy enough time for her to get better

but I failed

seems to be all over the Drexel news now, just a shame that the news she makes isn't good news

yeah, death sucks
anybody else do similar shenanigans?

Damn, sorry to hear man.

this is an experience I hope to never have to deal with

this is an experience I hope to never have to deal with
that's what I was hoping
never to have somebody actually die on me
I treat people who leave on the internet or disappear as dead, as well as my old friends from high school and what not
but never my best friend, they were the only one that could regulate me, without that I'm nocturnal and have all kinds of issues with not eating and what not since I don't feel hunger

That has to be the hardest thing
I wish you the best of luck in coping

I feel sorry for your loss.

anybody else do similar shenanigans?

I've been through a similar problem, When I was 12 I was close friends with a girl with leukemia, She didn't last very long and It took me a year later to figure out she died (I thought she moved or went on vacation)

it's pretty hard to get over this kind of stuff, I hope the time you spent with this person was enough and I hope you get over this emotional state.


Sorry for your loss.  I hope I never have to go through something like this.