Author Topic: Heed made a gun for Tier Tac once, I cant find it  (Read 771 times)

Basically title. He released a gun for Tier Tactical once a while back, but I don't remember what it was; it was something he had made and used on his TDM server. I'm digging through Tier Tac in preparation for making a weaponset based on a game, and fixing a few bugs while I'm at it (i fixed the issue where you couldnt throw conc nades if you ran out of stick nade ammo), and I'd like to add the weapon to my collection o' compatibility.
Can anyone find it?

any brief description you could give on it? if not, my only guess is to maybe ask bushido

Never mind, found it. It was called the Impact Rifle and it was in a christmas releases thread from 2012/2013.
Here's the link in case anyone else cant be assed to search it.