Author Topic: Detect when you died or respawned  (Read 1158 times)

From a client sided view, how can you make it so that (for an example) whenever you die / respawn
it will echo [hi] in the console? <- just an example.

I'm pretty sure handleYourDeath(%msgType, %msgString, %yourName, %killerName, %respawnTime) is called when you die so might be able to package it and do what you wanted.

Also handleYourSpawn
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Here's another example:

(needs packaging too)

function clientCmdServerMessage(%client, %callback, %string, %tagged, %prefix, %name, %suffix, %message)
   if(lastWord(%callback) $= "MsgClientKilled" && getWord(%name,1) $= $Pref::Player::NetName)