UNITED NATIONS: Return former-US territory to the USA.


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Nonnel's Nation RP: Earth 1999
The "totally not a copy" edition!

March 2032
1 day = 4 months


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Oh, hello! I didn't see you there! You've just stumbled upon Nonnel's Nation RP; one which is totally not a copy of any other currently on the market.
The year is 1999. The new millennium is just over the horizon and humanity has found a small moment of "peace." People are worried about Y2K and the internet is beginning to boom. With the fall of the Soviet Union just 8 years earlier, the rest of the eastern bloc has also crumbled (beside a few, but surely they'll be gone soon enough.)

How do I join?
Simple, just pick a country and make a post! You can start roleplaying right away, you don't need to wait for me to update. Upon selecting a country, all of that nation's previous alliances are wiped so that you can start anew. The only remaining alliances will be NATO, CSTO, and the United Nations.

What can I do exactly?
Upon posting, you become the ruler of your nation. You control all forms of national government. You command your military, diplomats, and any other federal shenanigans you can think of. Trade, ally, war, whatever with your surrounding nations and the nations of the world. You can change your government as you like, but be aware that your citizens as well as your allies might not appreciate your changes. Major alterations like changing your ideology will almost definitely cause riots or even a full-blown war. With great power comes great responsibility; play wisely.


Juncoph-United Asia
Doughboy-United Kingdom
Operator╣-Kalmar SSR
TristanLuigi-New Soviet Socialist Republics
CypherX-Saudi Arabia
Providence-United States of America
Swat 3-France


UN proposals will bring the ideas of one country to the world stage. These can include (but are not limited to) ceasefires, WMD bans, embargoes, independence votes, proposals to send peacekeepers wherever, or any other sort of stuff you can think of (and of course votes to repeal anything enacted in these proposals) which will make the world more peaceful, whatever that is by your standards. The proposing country will be picked at random, unless specifically stated otherwise. OP, the world ambassador of the UN, will be able to select bills for voting as well as vetoing them. The UN world ambassador will be able to enact successful proposals and will require countries to help out, so as to level out the playing field.

GERMANY: Peaceful annexation of Austria by Germany [FAILED]
UNITED KINGDOM: Send peacekeepers into Sierra Leone [SUCCESS]
UNITED STATES: Send peacekeepers into Israel on Israel's side[FAILED]
TURKEY: Raise education funding globally [SUCCESS]
POLAND: Send peacekeepers into Israel on Palestine's side [FAILED]
FRANCE: Cede the rest of Basque Country to France [FAILED]
ITALY: Create UN centers for terrorism detecting and tracing in major cities [SUCCESS]
CAMEROON: Increase aid from first and second world countries to third-world countries. [SUCCESS]
TURKEY: Nuclear disarmament of the DPRK [SUCCESS; NOT ENFORCED]
GERMANY: Peaceful annexation of Austria by Germany (Recount) [FAILED]
UNITED KINGDOM: Increase space exploration spending internationally [SUCCESS]
ISLAMIC STATES OF IRAQ AND THE NETHERLANDS: Humanitarian aid to the Netherlands to fix flood damage [SUCCESS]
GERMANY: Ban Serbian declaration of war [SUCCESS]
UNITED STATES: Investigation of August 10th terrorist attacks [SUCCESS]
POLAND: Send peacekeepers into Yemen to support the Houthi insurgency [SUCCESS]
AFGHANISTAN: Discourage regulation of UN laws by individual nations and encourage it by the United Nations itself [FAILED]
SWEDEN: Removal of UN Peacekeepers from Yemen [SUCCESS]
AFGHANISTAN: Enforcement on nuclear disarmament of Northern Korean communists. [SUCCESS; NOT ENFORCED]
UNITED STATES: Increase aid/worldwide attention to the fight against world hunger [SUCCESS]
UNITED STATES: Universal funding to redirection or destruction of the Bink's Asteroid [SUCCESS]
UNITED KINGDOM: International ban on human cloning and human genetics modification [FAILED]
FRANCE:Return German-occupied France to the French Fifth Republic [SUCCESS]
JAPAN: Focus global research on technology fighting radiation [SUCCESS]
KALMAR UNION: Intervene in Canada to counter aggression [SUCCESS]
GRAN VENEZUELA: Restrict genetic modification and human cloning in order to preserve the natural human genotype [FAILED]
TURKEY: Intervene in the middle east to counteract CIA [SUCCESS]
GRAN VENEZUELA: Reprimand Prussia for use of nuclear WMDs on American civilians [SUCCESS; NOT ENFORCED]
SAUDI ARABIA: Investigate Gran Venezuelan genetic experimentation on humans [SUCCESS]
DAKOTA: Return former-US territory to the official government of the United States of America. [SUCCESS]



-United Asia
-Kalmar SSR

-United Asia

-Central African Republic
-Federated Republic of Africa
-Democratic Republic of the Congo
-St. Helena
-The rest of Africa (-NAR and Sudan)

ASA-Gran Venezuela
-Costa Rica
-El Salvador
-Dominican Republic



1. Use common sense. No godmodding, powergaming, what-have-you.
2. Don't be an idiot.
3. Tech up along with the year. Take it slow after 2015 (no lazer guns and moon-based ICBMs)
4. Don't go to war with someone who has just joined without their consent.
5. Do not RP for other nations, you mongoloids.
6. If you attack someone, wait for them to respond before continuing your attack.
7. You may not sell more than 25% of your land.
8. Rule 8.
9. Covert actions may be done via PM to me.
10. No nuclear warfare unless provoked by an NPC.
11. No bypassing the rules so you can have a gigantic meganation.

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Pie Crust - Argentina
Government - Federal Republic
Economy - Communism
Easy immigrations, neutral for now.

La República Popular Socialista de Gran Venezuela
Totalitarian Communist-Socialist 
Presidente José Madrano
Legislation Controlled by Party



Collective Alliances/Coalitions

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Current Conflicts:
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Government: Labour
Economy: Capitalist

lol forget if I know RAF don't tell this stuff aircraft
144,900 troops
75 ships
lol like a lot of land units


Great Britain
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As my first act of power I am making Italy a dictatorship

australia becomes a totalitarian dictatorship, withdraws from the commonwealth, shuts off its borders, declares martial law, and executes everyone in the government that strongly opposes these decisions

australia begins fortifying its shores

i shall start making a large air and land army for future invasions
i also reach out to the following countries for peace:
- Turkey
- Australia
- Italy

After seeing the hell hole Australia becomes Italy contemplates changing its government

i shall start making a large air and land army for future invasions
i also reach out to the following countries for peace:
- Turkey
- Australia
- Italy

We are controlling our countries and are not just presidents or whatever right? So I can make a president and have elections and crap?

i shall start making a large air and land army for future invasions
i also reach out to the following countries for peace:
- Australia


Citizens of both Italy and Australia begin rioting in major cities.