Poll is finished. Quest to Save Kompressor will be a "test game" before I do QFTA.

High Rollers Its like "Pass or Fail" or "Blockade Blasters'. Multiple players allowed.
Quest For The ACNRHKLAHBSLFGSG(L) One Blockhead's adventure to find a weapon that can surpass the Ion Cannon
Post Apocalyptic Alcoholism Find a source of alcohol in a nuclear wasteland.
The Eve Of Version 21 As Version 21 looms over the horizion, one thought crosses your mind: How will you spend your last few days in Version 20?
Liberal Crime Squad:BLF Edition Liberal Crime Squad adapted into a forum adventure. Defeat the Conservative Crime Squad, kidnap and brainwash people, and drop terrible pickup lines.

Author Topic: BLOODLUST [Quest to Save Kompressor: Soon.]  (Read 83682 times)

Can people apply for characters? Cause I'd like to be a part of the story.

Sure. Be aware that character stats will probably be modified to suit my tastes if your character is implemented.

Can you have a flipped text translator, because I cant see flipped text on my 3DS

Does it not appear at all? I'll add a translation.

Seems interesting.

don't forget the religion of Hulk Hogan

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Then, I will apply myself as the commander of The Ghosts...

Depends on how protagonist chooses, I will be a boss or an ally.

EDIT: if this does have the same avatars from v20 left behind, then use this as my avatar:
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On my 3DS, it appears as a bunch of rectangles

Is the 3DS the only way you have of using the BLF?

Is the 3DS the only way you have of using the BLF?
Mainly. on computer atm
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Here's a character I made.  His name is Ben Blonde.

He's a special agent for the ghosts.

name: Controller of the Nega Zone

I'd also like if Mecha-Cable was my nemesis in that adventure.

I'd also like if Mecha-Cable was my nemesis in that adventure.

This kinda takes place way before V21:Left Behind though. Cable only became a mech after the protagonist nuked him. Can still make a non-mech Cable the nemesis, though.

Name: Moritz Stamm
Age: 29
Personality: Brave, but over-emotional
Short Bio: Moritz is a former spy for a now destroyed faction called the Fischers, who were crushed by the Landscapers. He is somewhat reckless and has a tendency to drink a lot, but overall has good intentions.
Other Notes: Use him in whatever role you wish.