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MiNNi is a project which attempts to involve the playerbase in content development, whether thru add-ons, servers or outside applications. Considering I have limited ability in certain areas, I will lead the project and bring new players along to get the job done. Anyone who has an interest in joining will be accepted, but you must have something to offer, examples being:

Building - You can supply the clan with good, creative projects, and you are comfortable with your work being shared openly.

Scripting/Outside Applications - You are capable of developing small scripts or applications that will be deployed and shared openly.

Ideas - You are the main source of inspiration, you are capable of brewing up realistic and fun projects that will most likely be taken into consideration.

How to begin:

Part #1 - Starting up
PM me or shoot me an e-mail at with your Trello username/e-mail and I will add you to the board so you can make a card. See part #2

Part #2 - Beginning Shift
After I have accepted you, you will use the Trello board to make a card with your BLID, name and skill, and from there you will see all meetings scheduled and where.

Part #3 - Contribution and Ranking
There are no ranks, but based off how much you contribute I may give you bonuses, say maybe if you worked really hard on a build I'd give you 3 dollars for it; don't expect me to pay you money always though, that's on a rare occasion. As you spend more and more time helping the project, your bonuses will add up, and if I feel that I can trust you, you can become an administrator of the project.

What is the point?
Every day there's development of some sort on this game, but not enough to make it fully interesting. We have thousands of add-ons and player driven efforts to make this game amazing, and I want to get nearly everyone involved on the action. Of course, not everyone will like this idea and not everyone will participate, but to those who are interested, I salute you.

I appreciate constructive criticism as well, any help to make this an amazing experience would be appreciated too.


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do you have anything particular in mind for a first project?

do you have anything particular in mind for a first project?
to start things off i'm thinking of a large-scale deathmatch map.

to start things off i'm thinking of a large-scale deathmatch map.
just a map; or an actual server?

just a map; or an actual server?
a map; everything will be released for free use.

Topic updated, the apps board can be found here

did anyone sign up yet