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Its been something like 6+ years since I started doing models for Block Wars with the intentions of releasing these on release with the movie, yeah that's not happening. So enjoy them now all this time later, just in time for Star Wars 7 hype.

Question "Why isn't bla here?"
Answer: This is my stuff, not Swholli's or others.

Question "I saw you made bla, why isn't that here?"
Answer: Its probably not finished or working, maybe one day. Though post what it is in the thread to bring it to my attention.

Disclaimer: Some of these were not designed for general gameplay so if they're not working as you'd expect than you'll have to fix it yourself.

Block Wars Related:

Block Wars Decals:

Block Wars Faces:

Block Wars Hats:
Description, commands are in a txt file within the zip.

Block Wars 1x1 Prints:

Description: Works quite well all things considered and even holds items.

Hoth Ground:

Hoth Light:
Description: Lights used for the Hoth base.

Hoth 2x2r Prints:

Hoth Sky:
A snowy skybox for Hoth based levels.

Space Skybox:

Space Ground:


Tie Fighter:

Snow Speeder:


Description: Luke's Land Speeder, also the very first Block Wars Add-on.


Obi-Wan/Ben's Light Saber:

Darth Vader's Light Saber:

Luke's Light Saber:

Imperial Blaster:

Han Solo's Blaster:

Rebel Blaster:

Link to list of Add-ons
Description: If I add more and forget to post it on this thread, check here.

Wanted, screenshots of the add-ons, I don't have the time to go and get nice shots myself so if you could supply some that'd help me.
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Oh forget yeah, nice dude.

Bro you don't know how long I've been waiting for this. I was going to post a request for this stuff because I need it badly. Thanks so much!!!

Proof I needed this so badly XD :

holy stuff you're alive

As a side note, all the decals Ive made for Block Wars will be released eventually, probably alongside the movie.

it's all awesome.

the hats link doesn't work for me though; something about the download being unavailable.  could you add an alternate download?  :o
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I love you

If you have the time and motivation you should make the following weapons:
- Blaster Pistol
- Dual Blaster Pistols
- Rebel Sniper and Shotgun
- Imperial Sniper and Shotgun
- Grenade based off the one in Battlefront II
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Can you make albums of images with links so we may preview?

I remember this from Block Wars!

I remember this from Block Wars!
captain obvious saved the day

Why does it say hats are unavailable?