Author Topic: What were your first events when you got AoT?  (Read 20887 times)

once i met someone named the horse god and we both went into a dungeon and i got a hook

some guy hid 5k in a volcano

i took it, but was chased by said guy

uh...i went invisible and ran far from both ports, then died thx to velocity

spamming random stuff on the aot general forums

once i met someone named the horse god

I met him too. We just ran around killing orcs, messing around at the tavern, and he showed me how to fix the shop problem.

get killed by an orc
then ragequit

I checked out Badspot's website back in 09 and decided to take this game for a spin.

Worst decision I ever made in my life. I live with regrets.

Every time i join there is nobody on.

walked out and got gangbanged by lub porto and jetz