Author Topic: apparently you can turn people's iPhones off with a text  (Read 1326 times)

Have people not heard of cases now a days? Do people just not care about actually protecting their phones?

The whole breakage thing is a moot point anyway. Whether your phone gets damaged or not depends on how much you care about it, like Killer Cop said.

People saying "don't post it" are idiots. Just ignore them.

Certainly an interesting exploit. If you were the one to find it, you should try and let Apple Support know, and if they're the same lazy cunts they always are, hit it up on Reddit.

As if Setro would have discovered a glitch which been on the news for 10+ hours and already reported to Apple

"hey! someone sent me a bunch of random lettering! holy ****, and my phone just crashed!"

I have iOS 8.3 doesn't do it for me  :cookieMonster: :cookieMonster:

Have people not heard of cases now a days? Do people just not care about actually protecting their phones?

When people say they dropped the phone they really mean they swatted it from a table onto pebbles at 20mph

I've dropped mines (with and without case) well over 50 times and I have a minor scratch less than 1cm long. They also seem to have a better interface than default windows phones.

Considering most of us here are probably already android or WP users, it shouldnt bother us. Apple phones are pieces of crap anyway. I cant even begin to tell you how many times my sister has had to get her expensive iPhones replaced just cause the screen gets cracked to oblivion from being dropped just once. Meanwhile i have had my galaxy s3 for years without any issues. Dropped it tons of times with virtually no damage.
Don't start this stuff please. I've had both types of phones and each of them have their advantages over the other.

Holy stuff it works.
Thanks setro. (Never thought I would say that)

Because my phone is jailbroken, it just boots into safe mode.

I just tested it out with a friend and it restarted her phone
she has iOS 8.3 and her phone is a 5C
that's pretty interesting
I can also confirm it does NOT work on iOS 7.1.2 (maybe it's because I'm using an iPhone 4S)
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android master race you filthy casuals :cookieMonster:

android master race you filthy casuals :cookieMonster:


I'm switching from Windows phone to Android when the ARA phone comes out.

Explanation of the phenomenon ( that wasn't first discovered by setro by the way, I believe it was first posted here: ):

The "effective. Power" part has nothing to do with it, it's the unicode encoding of the message. It's like an extreme zalgo text, the unicode goes on and on and on indefinitely, and if you have notifications on this causes the springboard to use up much more memory than usual, and iOS doesn't like that so it's like "NO STOP THAT SPRINGBOARD" and shuts down the process, causing your phone to restart.

To avoid it, disable "Show previews" in Settings > Notifications > Messages
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