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This is a package of skyboxes assembled from assets found on I have not yet assembled atmosphere files for every skybox on the website, but plan to in the future. Feel free to request any of the skyboxes you see on the page (excepting the last ten, which do not have download links).

Note that:
  • None of these skyboxes have bottom textures.
  • The texture quality on some skyboxes is somewhat poor. This is especially apparent with the Hexagon and Thicker than Water skies. There isn't much I can do to fix this.
  • The Planet Meat and Red Planet skyboxes are of especially poor quality (both are made of up 256x256 images) and will not ever be included in this pack.

Download (mediafire) (16.57 MB)

Change log
  • v0.4: Added Ash Canyon, Blue Green, Desert Evening, Elbrus, Lost Valley, Night Ink, Nuke, and Red Sky skyboxes.
  • v0.3: Added Alien, Bleached, Blood Sport, Checkered, Dark Land, Desert 3, Devil Punch, Emerald Fog, Entropic, Plague, Rapture, and Red Day skyboxes.
  • v0.2: Added Alpine, Blue Freeze, Blue Sky, Cliffs of Insanity, Coma White, Frozen, Frozen Dusk, Grave, Islands, Lilac Isles, and Morose skyboxes. Added sunflares and tweaked settings on some other skyboxes.
  • v0.1: Added Calm, City, Clouds, Cotton Candy, Delirious, Dunes, Green Haze, Hazy Lake, Hexagon, Hourglass, Canyons, Sun Down, Majesty, Mountains, Hell, Night Sky, New World Order, Siege, Stars, Thicker than Water, Underwater, and Valley maps.

Included skyboxes
(so far)

Note that the pictures included here are distorted panoramas from the redsorceress website. The skyboxes will not appear distorted ingame.

New in v0.4

"Ash Canyon"

"Blue Green"

"Desert Evening"


"Lost Valley"

"Night Ink"


"Red Sky"

New in v0.3



"Blood Sport"


"Dark Land"

"Desert 3"

"Devil Punch"

"Emerald Fog"

(ingame picture)



"Red Day''

New in v0.2


"Blue Freeze"

"Blue Sky"

"Cliffs of Insanity"

"Coma White"


"Frozen Dusk"



"Lilac Isles"







"Cotton Candy"



"Green Haze"

"Hazy Lake"






"Mud River"

"New World Order"

"Night Sky"



"Sun Down"

"Thicker than Water"

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these are amazing but it bugs me to death that there's no bottom texture on any of them :(

these are amazing but it bugs me to death that there's no bottom texture on any of them :(
Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. I forgot to mention that in the OP.

Dammit I wanted to make these skyboxes, but you beat me to it.

Could anybody provide any nice screenshots with shaders using these skyboxes?

Just added 10 new skyboxes and tweaked some of the existing ones. Most notably, I added an actual sun flare to cover up the pixelated one on Thicker than Water, which makes it look much better.

ooh. i'll be using hazy lake and sun down, those are gorgeous

That stuff reminds me of the slopes!

they look cool but very bad quality :c