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get 360 no scoped 180 420 doritos quickscope hardscope get rekt skrub omg u ded
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Author Topic: LSD Clan  (Read 3884 times)

Is this an LDS clan?  I am LDS.  Does that mean I can join?

Story time ladies and gentlemen, this man Liljitt linked me to this topic and claimed that he had made the clan, I have crossed his in-game ID with the ID of his forum account and found out that this was true.

Now though, let's get to the juicy part, shall we?

His in-game name is IAmScrub, nothing truly amazing there, but it does truly get interesting when he decides to open his mouth and utter the wrong words.

Before this, he linked me to this topic, claiming that he was part of the clan, the juicy part about this is that he claimed that they 'RP, Build and sometimes troll'

And yes, before you ask, he did confirm it that it was indeed him that created this topic, not anybody else:

So give this man a warm applause everybody, because he stuffposted so much in such a short time span and also admitted to owning a 'troll' clan.
we're not forgetting this

Hmm, I kinda like this clan.

Blockland name : Noose
BL_ID : 4666
Why do you want to apply? I like doing RPs and building and drugs
Age : 17
Abilities : building, eventing, being a badass
What do you want to be?  moderator
Do you have any suggestions? yeah get some more trippy posters and put them up
Are you mature? no. yes. i forget.
Final Question : Have you ever ate poop? yes. i think.

can i drop some acid and join you guys now?