Author Topic: What is the appeal to this game?  (Read 29070 times)

I've been playing this game for about two years now and every time a new person joins or I get a friend to play it they always ask me what the appeal of this game is.

and I can never explain it because I honestly don't know whats bringing me back every once in a while.

Also just as a side discussion, does anyone really understand why Badspot doesn't open the game to the public to modify and maybe bring some life back to it? I know in older versions you could load custom maps but someone typically doesn't just leave a game abandoned for 10 years and refuse to let people tinker with it.

it's definitely the boobies

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is there even an appeal to this game

i mean besides the exciting unique engaging storyline?

Stripping down to your underwear and first person cleavage probably? I remember someone saying that once.

the appeal that usually drives players to replay old games that don't really stand up today

Making some sweet ass swords, getting the golden hook, visiting Badspot's house, jumping in the volcano, discovering the secret formula for light pink dye, praying for boats, killing people, etc.

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