Author Topic: 2015/07/01 - Blockland r1966  (Read 109718 times)

My Blockland client has not appeared to update. I just launched the game and the launcher said "Loading stuff" for a few seconds; then proceeded to start the game. My main menu still says Revision 1959.

EDIT: Looks like closing my dedicated servers did the trick. It's updated now.

Yay bug fixes!

Holy stuff an update

What year is it again?

We are in the future
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Hurray for an update!

Thanks Dadspot

EDIT: i ment Badspot lol

I use ModTer 8x CornerA bricks all the time. Thanks.

    • Support_Rendermen

    Me and ocelotus may look into the thing to see the problem.

    Me and ocelotus may look into the thing to see the problem.
    The latest version of support_renderman by chrisbot doesn't have the issue. He only CRC banned the original version that had the exploit in it.

    Nice! Im glad the game is finally updated. The last time i can remember an update was near the end of the Triassic period.

    No better way to express thankfulness for bug fixes and emergency exploit patches than "WOW FINALLY IT'S BEEN YEARS." Stay classy, forums.

    I wish for a big update like the good old day thats adds something completely new.