Author Topic: i need this image transparent  (Read 992 times)

i'm trying to make /r/jerma985 look nicer, and I won't use naut because i'm a loving pleb

anyways, i need this image

transparent. please, keep the mouth. i've tried it myself but i couldn't do it because i have autism

Here you go! You can use Paint.Net for this kind of stuff.

The AA on that makes me sad ^

How about this?

it's so small that it's hard to do.

if nobody gets a proper one finished by the time I get home, I'll whip up one for ya, op

I'm the mastah
It's in 100x100, if you specifically need it in 60 you can just resize it.

i forgot to add that it looks absolutely retarded without the dark blue edge. so far, dark ninja's is the best.

it actually looks really nice. you can check it out if you want
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wait you run /r/jerma985?