Author Topic: My internet speed is ridiculous. Also speedtest thread.  (Read 1564 times)

Holy stuff.
Before I moved, it was ~2Mbps.
Just to test it out, my dad rounded up all the mobile devices in our house and streamed from various websites. (Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc.) Every single one of them was at the max resolution for each service without buffering in the middle, and I was torrenting two versions of Kubuntu at max speed the whole time.
This is good.
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I would kill someone to get speeds like that or better at home
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*5000 posts of other people doing the test*

*5000 posts of other people doing the test*
Speedtest thread?
Speedtest thread.

Oh please, your download is nothing compared to mine
Upload is kinda poop-ish compared to my download, but its enough.

Yeah I know. That was taken in 2014 but it has been in my sig since 2014.
Im too loving lazy to do another test and post it.

Your upload speed is great, wish I could get that.

pretty decent for an att stuffbox I guess

my speed should be a lot faster but i have a stuff router that has a low Mb/s limit

Nobody beats my superior download :^)

i have the lowest ping

i think