Author Topic: A website that literally jams your speaking ability  (Read 800 times) (warning, only works on Chrome for some reason)

Basically, you plug in headphones, turn them up, turn it on, then speak into your microphone. It plays back your own voice right after you say it, and confuses you. Give it a try!

Basically, you plug in headphones, turn them up, turn it on,


its difficult to say full sentences perfectly but it's totally possible. i think i'm pretty good at talking over people

i don't get it
It was invented a while back. Apparently hearing your own voice immediately after you say it has a good chance of confusing your brain, and therefore garbling your speech. I managed to say most things pretty easily until I turned on the volume.

No its not a trap site.

maybe im just weird but I have no issue at all speaking like this
I think it's because every headset I've ever had has voice playback so I can hear myself and it's got a slight delay so I'm just used to it by now

doesn't work on me
although i am using crappy earbuds with a laptop mic so idk

you just have to make sure you have full thoughts assembled in your head before you say them and run through it in your mind, ignoring the audio input

Too bad my sound drivers disappeared when I updated windows to ANOTHER update which does nothing.


There's an episode of QI where they did this. Series J, jams and jellies I think.