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while i was looking around the forums i found a massive add-on dump by Port and in the middle of it all i found a Western weapon package
Uses an ammo-system similar to FoF, Uses flick-Type reloading, and even uses sounds from it, However the pack has no models at all, And that is where You, The BLF comes in

If you want to have a go at it just PM me and i will give you the link for the pack

Happy Modelling!

Yep, put way too much effort into pack. Even has dynamic movement speed based on what weapon you're holding/whether you're reloading/firing/etc, and things like the throwing knives in FoF that you could pick up afterwards. I need to update the former at some point though now that Badspot added the setMax*Speed methods though (it'd work much better than the current method which I did before those existed). As I'm sure you've noticed, I just never had any models for it.

...the hell is FoF?

Fistful of Frags is a free (on Steam) western FPS that uses the Source engine

No wonder it's free, doesn't look good. Also there are tons of addons out there that look similar to these.
Remember whenever searching for something you didn't find. Just settle for look-alikes.


(mis read the title)