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Updated OP. 1.1.0 is out!


  • Server Control was added, allowing you to manage your preferences and admins
  • Add-On dependencies now appear in the Mod Manager
  • Several back-end improvements
  • Base framework for required clients

You should automatically update the next time you start Blockland (or whatever you've set Support_Updater to).
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You should automatically update the next time you start Blockland.
So does the Blockland Glass have an update system independent of support_updater then? Because Support_Updater checks for updates based on a pref(I think the default is once a day).

No, it still relies on Support_Updater. The default is just every time Blockland starts.

With the latest stable version, pressing "Download" or "Decline" on the "Fonts" pop-up does nothing and I have to restart BL so that I don't see the pop-up, otherwise I can't do anything on Blockland.

Can you send me a console.log please?

Can you send me a console.log please?

There's quite a few fonts to download and they don't start from the top; try waiting a little bit and see if they're just not downloading. I'll check over everything again.

What category should I put this mod under?

I waited at least 5 minutes, yet nothing happened after the console said BLG was downloading 41 fonts. I retried, yet this time I received an error authenticating with Glass. Also, a friend and I tried the new server control online; we noticed that we have to spam-click buttons on the GUI in order for anything to happen (i.e. promoting/demoting admin).

Ah there's a network issue right now, fantastic timing. Huge packet loss, so that'd explain downloads not going through.

the gif-like transparency in the loading animation is disgusting

here are some transparent images i made by running them through color to alpha in gimp

apng preview:
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Various bug fixes.

  • Improved loading animation, thanks to dargereldren
  • Fixed scrolling in Downloads gui
  • Added error reporting to font downloads
  • Removed various console spam
  • Fixed single player prefs
  • Server control now defaults to preferences screen
  • Added manual fixed for the renamed add-on Server_Playtime


What? What is this for? why do i need all this font? and why can't i decline this?

It's actually only a single font, but each size has to be kept as a separate file. It's for continuity with the website. If you don't have them, a lot of things won't appear, so it's sorta important.

In 1.1.1, there's an explanation on the right and the decline button gives you a message explaining all of this instead of doing nothing.

If you don't have them, a lot of things won't appear, so it's sorta important.

So why even ask the user? Just download it in the background.