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Author Topic: BFBB [BOSS #3 - KIDALEX90]  (Read 129181 times)


my attack for also king 100 i will deal tendrill to about 5000 to 10000 damage to him
« Last Edit: October 24, 2015, 03:17:04 PM by DrHitius »

COMBAT FUNCTION NO. 001: BEAM CRUSHER!!! (-5 Energy, 45/50 Energy total)

A giant laser cuts CLEAN THROUGH Tendrill!

I'm back. Prepare for update!

CRITAWAKETS Paints TENDRILL Blue! Increasing the GRAVITY! Of the situation! HUE! +10 sarcasm points

NotBomberguy whacks TENDRILL with the Homewrecker! Inflicting 15,000 Damage!

Space1255 forces Nicepoint into his mech to protect him while he rests. He unleashes a chain punch at TENDRILL's Face! Inflicting 8,000 Damage!

Space1255 gets Tablesalt a giant cookie!

Mr Queeba throws Opaque Liquid at TENDRILL's Eye! Inflicting 10,000 Damage!

mattsos gains a damage buff for 2 cycles thanks to denbts! But he cannot attack during the first cycle of this boost!

}]Crazy[{ Summons the Revival Amulet! Applying a buff to him and all other players!

}]Crazy[{ Equips the Megasword and attacks TENDRILL! Phasing through it, and then the sections striked detonate in electrical explosions! Inflicting 12,000 Damage!

TableSalt clicks all of the cookie bits! Increasing his cookie counter to critical levels!

Spiral Rift Cannon Fires!

No Critical Hit is engaged. It deals 10,000 Damage!

Spiral Rift Cannon charges to Stage 3.

Revival Beam detects no dead players. Instead, Auto-Life is granted to Space1255!

Duck Quackington casts the Duck Tornado! Inflicting 7,500 Damage!

Nicepoint rapidly clicks cookies! But gains no cookie counter! He cannot gain the power of the cookies unless TableSalt allows it! (Via buff)

Mr Noobler fires the MININUKE TETRAKIMBO! Inflicting 12,000 Damage!

Copy Kirby shows the most ungodly thing ever, and TENDRILL Cringes, taking 30,000 Damage! But is now immune to it, unable to be harmed any further by it!

Redconer rapidly clicks cookies! But cannot gain their power! Only through TableSalts buff can cookie power be gained. If he chooses to give it!

Dr.Hitius performs the first post for the 100th page! Dealing 10,000 Samage! (Yes, samage) Which is even deadlier then damage, because it is SAMAGE!

Space1255 Uses Beam Crusher! A laser cuts right through TENDRILL! Inflicting 10,000 Damage!

TENDRILL Drills Space1255's mech into pieces! he and Nicepoint are unharmed!


Armed with Drill Tentacles
Afflicted with Red-Tape
(Halved Attack Power, Halved Accuracy)
Afflicted with Octa-Attack
(Able to attack multiple times each cycle, But suffers low accuracy should it attack multiple times.
It's attacks cannot be prevented, or blocked, but they can be dodged

Ear-Rape Quack 30% Charged! It increases by 15% Each Cycle Duck Quackington Comments!

The Plasma Turtles will be fully repaired in 1 cycle!


Space1255 Has lost his mech! He cannot summon a new one for 2 cycles!

Spiral Rift Cannon is now in Stage 3! Its next attack has a 20% Chance to be a Critical Hit!

Space1255 has Auto-Life! He will revive automatically if killed!

SRC:  Fire (Stage III)
RB:  Revive people if applicable.


Use the Ultimate-Portable-Multi-Purpose-Powerful-Legendary-Nuke Launcher on him.

I Jump above tendrill and dive down Super Soccer Ball downwards and perform the terminal velocity blast

Ask Trendill what 9 + 10 is so then he gets confused for a cycle huehue

Earraping Quack: 45%