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1. Do not post ambiguous topics.  The title of your thread should describe its contents.  If you are asking a question, there should be a question mark at the end.  Ambiguous topics will be locked.

Examples of bad topic titles:
[*]idea i just had
Examples of good topic titles:
[*]Game crashes when I paint a brick blue
[*]How do I ban people?
[*]Map Idea: Mars Base[/list]

2. Do not post adult content. - That means no nudity or gross stuff.

3. No warez - Do not talk about pirating software at all.

4. Use the Search feature before posting a question.

5. Do not plea for sympathy
[*]Do not make posts about how you are leaving the forums. Just leave.  
[*]Do not make posts about how the game isn't fun for you anymore.  Just stop playing.
[*]Do not make posts about how you are going to kill yourself.  Just do it.  

6. Think before you post - Completely unintelligible posts will be locked.

7. Do not flame - If the entire point of your post is to tell someone what an idiot they are, don't bother.  

8. Do not cross post. - Do not post the same thing in more than one forum.  

9. Do not advertise other forums

10. No pyramid/referral schemes -  No one is going to give you money or an iPod/flatscreeen monitor/xbox 360/whatever just for getting people to click on some crappy link.  It's a scam to get you to spam forums for them.  Stop posting this crap.  

11. No chain-letter style spam - Copy and paste this message into 5 threads and you will be permanently banned.


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