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Author Topic: Visolator's City (City RPG) - Reviving? Ideas? [Host sometime?]  (Read 27974 times)

I'm resuming the project again, I'm keeping it up here so I can show progress and hopefully for it to go public soon.

I've started BlockCity from scratch, and has a lot of progress. There are still things that need to be done before it comes to the public

Current pictures of progress: I did not build anything.

  • It's the spawn! This is where you exactly spawn if you don't have any crimes or have a job that doesn't have its own spawner. (Made by Bag)

  • Real estate for purchasing lots, building licenses and brick volume. (Made by Ozmar)

  • BlockCity's favorite grocery store, Wrench Inc! (Made by TBone)

  • Miner's delightful cave. (Made by Guardian)

  • A bank by the beach? How wonderful. (Made by Ozmar)

  • Police can also 'guard' near the beach while watching blockgirls in their bikinis.. (Made by Georges)

  • Oh look, I have to study somewhere to get a job or education. (Made by Scar. Z)

  • Hooray, I have to pay for a brick vehicle spawn to create vehicles. (Made by BlueDryBones1)

  • Gas station, will vehicles also need gas to move?(Made by BlueDryBones1)

  • This guy left before being jailed in time, so his soul was kept here for 30 seconds to be jailed or killed by anyone.

Thanks to Jacob for building the roads, I have modified them so they don't look silly.

Stats on what the mod is about and what it will do.

I am planning to release this mod when I am done with hosting the server.

You can also feel free to join the steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VisolatorBLServer
I am up for any suggestions and requests here, but if you really want something, please join the group and make a suggestion/request!

Want to continue the mod? The released source is below, which includes the build, colorset, add-on list for building, and even instructions in case you get confused.
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What are the City's features? (More coming soon)

Days = game ticks, not realtime days.

[] Economy:
  • Starts somewhere around $60,000,000, this means that the economy is actually stable.
  • Difficult to kill the economy but also hard to get it back up.
  • If the economy is under 0.05% ($500,000), you have 60 days to pay back the money and hit 0.1% or else all online and offline profiles will reset, aka you have to start over. You can keep your lots and your vehicles, but everything else will reset.
  • All foods and beverages are based on the economy, the higher the economy, the lower the price can be, never free though.
  • Hooray, taxes, this helps pay back the economy for how much you have been borrowing.
  • Things can be on sale, especially for new players! Yes, this server will keep track of your playtime.

[] Money/Bank:
  • New profiles take $3000 from the economy to help your investment. You start with $1000 in the bank.
  • Scores on the playerlist show total cash and bank account money.
  • Dying will take money from your bank account, max is $2500 and the lowest is $0, depends on how much you have.
  • If you die of hunger you will not lose your cash, other types of kills will lose all of your pocket money, including Self Delete.
  • You can borrow money from loans but you must pay back before the expiration date.

[] Survival:
  • There is hunger and thirst, they do not go down by days (ticks), instead it constantly goes down and you can die anytime from it.
  • If you are hungry/thirsty, you will not die instantly, you will slowly die instead.
  • Determining if this should stay disabled for my server.

[] Jail/Crimes:
  • Instead of 6 days (ticks) as the max, there is no max. You can even be jailed for 60+ days.
  • You can possibly kill people in the jail, but that can increase your time in jail. If you constantly keep killing, you can get autobanned for RDM, just make sure you know your limits.
  • If you are a policeman, it is a little harder to earn demerits and if you accidentally kill someone you will not have a bad record, instead you can get arrested and not lose your job. The 3rd time you do this, you lose your job and you can never join the service again.
  • Witness program, meaning there has to be people near you to have evidence of you hurting someone. Remember, even just shooting at the ground when near someone can get your in trouble!
  • You cannot Self Delete for 10 seconds the last time you were hit by a baton (successfully), and if you leave before 10 seconds you will have a fake player that contains your profile data, you can still get arrested or killed, even if you aren't really there.
  • If you are wanted, the only people that can kill you is bounty hunters and the police. Anyone else can still get demerits.
  • Admins and higher can see your chat. Super admins are able to speak globally when in jail.
  • Paying demerits does not exist, although the host can enable demerit paying as well as the costing per demerit. This is enabled by default.

[] Jobs:
  • Of course you need a job system. All jobs have different things that they may or may not require. Some jobs might require a different type of exp from a tree of jobs. Jobs will have different pay, but also there are jobs with "on duty", meaning that's the highest pay, while the other part of the pay is very low. There are many jobs to choose from, here are the common jobs:
  • Civilian: This is your default job, has no pay or taxes, but you really can't do anything with this job.
  • Pickpocket: Part of the criminal tree, why is this a job when it's not really a job? People ask this often, but this isn't real life. If you just decide to pickpocket people you shouldn't automatically become that job; which that would break how the job system works. So that is why it is in the job system. All criminals have better discounts on weapons, by the way.
  • Miner: Go ahead and mine some rocks! Upgrade your pickaxe for a better one, the city does not pay for your pickaxe, so you will not be affected by the economy. This is one of the best jobs to give the economy free money without it paying it back to you. You can also upgrade pickaxes.
  • Farmer: Become a farmer and grow plants, eventually the plant system will be more advanced when the weather system is up, but I might just leave that be. They will grow in the sun, but if they have less sunlight, they will not grow as fast and have a better chance of dying. This is also another job to make free money to the economy.
  • Policeman: Police must do their jobs to get "on duty" payment, on duty payment works every blockland month instead of a day. If you get no criminals for whatever reason, sorry, but you don't get the pay. While jailing, if an idiot decides to kill themselves, they can't. If they leave while being jailed, they have a fake player with all their data on it, meaning they can still be jailed.
  • Drug dealer: Yes, you can sell drugs on the street! Becareful, police can scan you for drugs, if they succeed they have the right to jail you. Not really a job, though.
  • Medic: From TF2, you can use a medigun to heal people for cash. Cash will add to your next paycheck, but there is a max amount you can earn from this. Determining whether or not this should really exist. I'll make a vote on it later.
  • Bounty hunter: This is removed. Just be a damn cop instead of putting random money on people.
  • Coding: You can use the GUI to add jobs, or even modify them. Once you add a job it will automatically add into the system, if it is a new tree of jobs, it will still popup in the job service. Coding a job is also a lot easier as they can also call a function when the job is selected.

[] Real estate:
  • Building license: Yes, you need a building license before you can make your home. There are levels of building licenses so you can build your home with bigger bricks. I have disabled this for now, but it is still in the mod.
  • Brick volume: This is what you need to build your home with. I have disabled this for now, but it is still in the mod.
  • Coding: Lots have unique IDs in a database, even with reloading bricks, this is using brick names, and no, you cannot edit the brick name, even if you tried. This helps the system see what lot you have and the information that goes with that unique ID. If you actually tried and mess with the brick name, good job, you broke that lot.

[] Drugs: This will be implemented last. It may not possibly be in use after the server is up for public.
  • You cannot sell drugs to bricks, what kind of logic is that?? You can only sell drugs to other players.
  • Drugs have abilities, they can increase/decrease speed (not by much), damage, and max health.
  • Drugs can do effects, such as messing with your screen, movement, vignette, etc.
  • You can get testified for having drugs in your body, if caught, you can get arrested.

[] GUI Communication:
  • You can make your own jobs as a host or a super admin. (Prefs to make it host only)
  • Easy to add items and vehicles to the whitelist.

[] Teleporting:
  • You can easily teleport to one place to another available location.
  • There are timeouts and you cannot teleport if you are wanted because the teleport department cooperates with the bank to get your cash.
  • You can pay teleporters with your bank money instead of cash.
  • Teleporting is based on the location you want to go and where you are. Prefs can be changed for cost per distance. You can also disable teleporting.

Other stuff:
  • [] Day ticks
       - There is no lag between day ticks.
       - Bottom print shows the month, day and time.
       - Paychecks are based on economy, bad economy = less pay
       - You cannot be payed while in jail and you cannot by payed when you haven't spawned (or you're just laying there dead)
  • [] Profile saving
       - Instead of one big system that can possibly affect all clients in a bad way, it only affects a client if something happens.
       - Smart saving!
       - Coding: You can easily write your own variables and put them to the saver, since it loads all variables to the player that it saved.
  • [] Services
       - Yes/No and OK/Cancel use message boxes instead of commands, since that is very annoying to do in the first place.
  • [] Players
       - When hammering someone, it will make a normal noise and not damage them instead of no noise and a message box telling you that you shouldn't hammer them, although if you do it too much you can get demerits for "annoyance", sounds silly but it makes them stop. If the suspect did something to you, you have the right to hammer them down.
  • [] Bricks
       - Bricks that cost money will give you a prompt in case you accidentally hammer it.
  • [] /Self Delete
       - This has been replaced with a "I am stuck" mode. Basically when you press your Self Delete key you'll have to wait 10 seconds to respawn. If you move it will cancel.

Want to request something? Feel free!
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is the BlockCity name set in stone because people might confuse it with KINEX's old Block City

Well, the mod is called Gamemode_City, but the server's name is BlockCity. The client is also Client_BlockCity (planned to change this to Client_City), so part of it is set in the stone.

This might be the first crpg I don't give up on if it plays as beautiful as the buildings

I can finally update the topic, something was wrong with my router not letting me post images from sites, or even post large amounts of data

I've now renamed the server to City because my entire gamemode is called GameMode_City and the client will be named Client_City soon (Hopefully this doesn't break other add-ons using the same zip)
Updated the post of what the mod will contain, more to add soon.
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If you consider releasing the mod then we may finally have some good groundwork for future city rpgs.
I'm impressed

im super admin

in all seriousness my boy kyuande is gonna host the best cityrpg theres been

Question, do the service bricks work like all the other CityRPG mods?

President: Only the host can be this, they can modify items, taxes, vehicle prices, building licenses, brick volume, and lots more.
what other benefits do you give yourself?
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Question, do the service bricks work like all the other CityRPG mods?
what other benefits do you give yourself?
benefits? you mean the ability to manage the server and fix things as he sees fit?

benefits? you mean the ability to manage the server and fix things as he sees fit?
i'm just wondering why that is a job inside the mod. administrative functions could be completely separate. that's why I'm asking if there are benefits he's giving that 'job'