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Hello One and All!

The blockland community is all to familiar with how enjoyable RTB made gameplay, moderation, chatting, and the overall experience in blockland.
I enjoyed RTB so much that I took it upon myself to revive and renew the favored client.
Thus oRBs was born, old Return to Blockland support.
The purpose of oRBs is to give users a friendly, familiar interface and means to message and keep contact with other uses via an in-game client that will also function to ease the modding process while providing an enjoyable experience in addition to the current blockland experience.
I've taken the liberty to add screenshots of some of the functionality of the client:

Of course oRBs would not be complete without a functional mod manager. Ease of convenience is the aim here and with the mod manager we hope to revive the modding community to at least a fraction of what it was during RTB's reign.

I am currently working on bringing back the RTB archive addons to oRBs, if you have an addon you would like to see immediately added simply post it on the oRBs forum.

There must be a base of operations for such a client and a place for users to come together to post suggestions, report bugs, and ask questions. Look no further we've already got the answer.

Of convenience for users, oRBs will automatically try and connect you to your oRBs user forums account!

I would like to thank all of you that have encouraged me to complete this work and who have assisted in the testing and development of oRBs despite the multiple attacks against my servers.

I hope you will enjoy using this as much as I have.

- DAProgs

You can get the latest version on the oRBs forum [][/url]
Or this []direct link[/url] to an older version that will auto-update.

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