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Welcome back!

I am going to rehost vSMC again.

PPPC old topic (Image since I cannot quote, if I do I will have less messaging space for this board)
If you cannot read the image you can click on it for bigger resolution.

This will have many changes, members of the PPPC are welcome to come back, but members of the old PPPC will have a surprise inside the server as a revive party (server will go public for a few days for reviving it, may sound like "who cares", but I like to celebrate stuff), but at the moment, old members are not registered due to changes of the clan and since it is being revived without any notice to the old members.


Clan Name: vSystem Modding Clan
Clan Initials: vSMC
Clan Avatar Example:
You can see me for details if you want to have a related avatar like mine.

What do we do?: vSystem does not actually mean what it means. We create all kinds of mods, or even help event server or help mod servers. An example, I am still working on the GUI+ mod, and I do plan to release it once I make it stable enough. It still has a lot of glitches. If you do not know how to code, don't worry about it, as long as you can event, or even build, you are good! If you can't do any of these, tough luck!

What do we need?: Builders (We have Cecil as a main builder for terrain) | Scripters (Not really needed, since I can do a lot) | Eventers (I can do a lot, but would be easier)

Can I join another clan?: Yes, there are no restrictions to joining another clan as long as you respond to this one!

Requirements (Minimum is one):
Builder: Are you capable of building any scale projects with good detail? Then you are excellent here!
Eventer: Are you able to test your skills on my server? Then you are awesome here.
Scripter: Do you know TorqueScript enough? Do you think you can help me? Then you are welcome to join. If you do not know and would like to know, you may visit the coding section and read the resources.
Modeler: Do you like to model? Do you feel like you're models are not in use but are ready to be used? We can use them here and turn them into a item/weapon (or something else)!

You must able to participate on the server to continue. Remember, there a unactive rule, meaning that you get booted out of the clan after 20 unactive days without giving us a notice of what is going on. (Ex: Randomly leaving Blockland, getting key revoked, etc)

How do I join it?: Please fill the application below, just remember it is based on who you are, I do small background checks on everyone that tries to join, if it is concerning, I may not accept you. Remember that you must be mature enough and have good enough grammar before you apply.

What do you wanna be?:
How long of experience have you had with this type?:
What are the things you do on your Blockland life other than this type? Or do you just do this? (You do not have to answer this):
Any proof? (How can you prove that you can join our clan?):
Account Type and Usernane (This is for contacting, I will not send you spam or phishing stuff): (Ex: Skype, Visolator):
In Game Name and BLID:

(Clan Host) Visolator/Kyuande (20490 | 48980) [Eventer | Scripter]
(Ancient) Deve (12887) [Builder]
(Ancient) Hawt Profitman (41072) [Eventer | Scripter] [uEXP]
AutoBahn (13240) [Builder | Scripter]
Tendon | Dglider (31456 | 12465) [Scripter]
TomTom (3694) [Learner Scripter]
Nicepoint (25816) [Learner Scripter]
TeeOS (26446) [Learner Scripter | Builder | Eventer]
rggbnnnnn (46795) [Eventer | Scripter]
bluefire10123 (48424) [Builder | Eventer]

*You do not have to put vSMC in the tags (I just think it is stupid), this is automatically put down when you join the server.

Server Project (Can help):
City - Welcome to a new City RPG gamemode, let's just say it will be better than IBan's CityRP and all related IBan city gamemodes. Made completely from scratch with new features and many bug fixes with constant updates.

Old PPPC members, you do not need to fill out an app, you can just post here saying you want to re-join the clan.
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oh hey i guess it's back again

What do you wanna be?: Scripter/Eventer

How long of experience have you had with this type?: I have coded various items throughout my history, most notably when I made a fully fledged RPG in a small .bat file while I was 10. With a bit of inspiration from my uncle, I got a bit of features working on it such as save system and a few other fun features. I started making add-ons and servers for Blockland about a year ago, and have gotten much better. As for eventing, it is simple enough, but it can help on the server overall. I had fun doing things with events back on some old various City RPGs, and I know I have a few fun tricks. I am not perfect at it, but I can help while you may be busy with other things.

I know I am not the most qualified person, but I really enjoy helping out in various projects and I never really considered how cool it would be to be in a clan doing these sort of things.

What are the things you do on your Blockland life other than this type? Or do you just do this?: I can slightly build with reference images, such as the gas station I made on Cavik's City RPG. However, I imagine many people can be much better at that then me.

Any proof?:
Here is a previous server I scripted. A lot of modifying things, and also had a few original scripts with the help of Amade and Swollow.

Video: (During Progress)

Account Type and Username:
  • Steam: rggbnnnnn
  • Skype: live:rggbnnnnn

Blockland ID: 46795
IGN: rggbnnnnn
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Sorry, have been busy lately. Added rggbnnnnn to the list! I'll sometime give you an avatar picture like mine if you want.

What do you wanna be?: Builder and Eventer (I'm good at eventting but I could use some improvement)
How long of experience have you had with this type?: with building ive had a lot I started playing on a friends acct a long long time ago and ive had my own blockland for awhile now and I created  a endless zombie build and used a lot of eventing for the store and stuff. so about 1yr on this acct 3 on my friends
What are the things you do on your Blockland life other than this type? Or do you just do this? ive created a endless zombie and help another friend on his servers pretty often but I mainly help him build on his server he does most of the eventing but I help with that some of the time.
Any proof? I don't have any physical proof but I can go on a server and prove it to u that way
Account Type and Username? steam: bluefire10123 ( )
In Game Name and BLID: in game name is like most my accts on stuff: BlueFire10123 my BL_ID is 48424

Ah, it lives...

Is anything actually happening?

Added bluefire, fixed OP.

Yes! Things are still alive here!

saving this post to re-apply

don't have access to screenshots and stuff atm

I think I applied for this last time but I never got a reply.

Determining whether or not to keep this alive, it hasn't been doing anything.