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BFU is a Clan dedicated to building and complete focus on inspiring ideas to influence more servers and more people into making there own servers.
Also specializes in Combat of the finest and stealthiness of a speck of dust.
We want YOU to join the BFU!

Current BFU Members:
Sparky_78 (May change Playername to Croak) Operative Level: Galactic

Clan Tags:
[BFU] - Rookie Operative
+BFU+ - Moonbase Operative
[REMOVED] - Galactic Operative
_BFU_ - Captain Operative
=BFu- - Surpreme Commander Operative
BFU² - Soilder Operative
BFU³ - Comander Operative
BFU¹ - Stealth Operative

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autism tm declares war on this clan

ugghhhhh... fighting clans...

 Allen B&E dev can build and event bases for clans