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Author Topic: should whites be taxed for being white?  (Read 95957 times)

like we're talking either slip n drip or scoot n shoot

just wondering

new question

new-er question

the newest edition

the real questions are being asked now


new personal question

the psych-brown townysis continues

loving help me

the moment you've all been waiting for

he's hungry

oh my

it's just a prank bro

where do i get this stuff from


whoa hey guys

pop 10 entrepreneur les under your toenails or 10 in your gums

eat your dad's rotting corpse or vote for donald trump

are you circumcised

could you take a diglett up the ass

is "illegal immigrant" a phrase on par with "monday"?

prolapsed urethra or prolapsed rectum

should homoloveuality be mandatory

if everyone on earth had a richard and interjected in the same direction at once...

would you crawl back inside your mother's womb for one wish?

forget a worm or face torture until you die

cheese-its or cheese nips

is it cannibalism if you swallow the cum

you're forced to suck cat richard, dog richard, or horse richard; which one?

are there good memes and bad memes?

who's more important: muslims or gays?

lick a negroid's navel or a mongoloid's navel?

have love with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump... whoever you do not choose becomes president of the united states

OSes become people and go on a love crusade - who dominates your starfish?

Would you exchange snake circumference for length?

twerking or dabbing?

should richards forget pussies or starfishs?

Will you side with Freek no matter what?

who is the worst forumer right now

was this the worst year ever??

will Trump sMASH that MF patriarchy?

should whites be taxed for being white?

should child molestation be socially acceptable?
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depends how tense my technique and research was at that time

shooting. feels way better usually

ummm is this even a question.

Shooting, duh.

This forum is way too open to oneanother..

I mean both are hot in their own way, depends on how everything's been going so far

no I mean like when/if you're doing/watching some facial stuff do you want the semen to just sort of drizzle out or shoot in several strings

personally I prefer the latter, but both are fine

Definitely shoot. Feels better and is better to watch

do we really have a choice

a dreh-dreh-drippin

Shooting because 'murica