Author Topic: how the forget do you make a /hub thing  (Read 61 times)

k i know i asked years ago, but i genuinely don't know how you'd go about making a /hub command or something alike, that just forces a the client back to a default minigame, or some specified mini within a script.cs or maybe that server/admin menu or something.

I've needed a mod like this for like 2 years and I have no forgetin idea how I'd even start. There's so many servers that already do this like Rose's, or even like the occasional falling tiles server, hell I think even that BCS server has something to bring you back. Like genuinely, i got this gucci server at a standstill bc it don't have a /hub command to take you back from some mini-minigames. Yeah i could do some kinda button or some stuff but it's kinda niche, also intrusive af.

Maybe there's some kinda gamemode script I could butcher into a /hub cmd, but I genuinely need a fix that's not giant, "BACK TO HUB" signs with a small button to press. If anyone could point me in the right direction as to just how you'd go about making such a cmd I'd be happy to throw my face at a wall figuring out how torquescript works and how tf you'd actually use the minigame parameters in a command execution. Maybe I could reference /leaveminigame, but still, don't even know the parameter to force someone to switch minigames.

you would remove the client from the current minigame they're in, and add them to the other one
should probably start by figuring out how to get the list of minigames, how to get the client's current minigame, how to add/remove from minigames, and how to create a / command